What if you could receive exceptional, integrative health care support for your short-term or chronic medical needs without leaving your home?

Paramount Home Health does just that. We provide the quality of care you expect from a health care or nursing home facility, but with the flexible, personalized, and cost-effective approach you deserve.

Home health care is rapidly becoming the preferred solution for a wide range of medical support needs, and for good reason. Superior health care in an intimate setting benefits everyone involved—patients, caregivers, and loved ones alike—by reducing stress and improving outcomes. At Paramount Home Health, your independence is our primary goal, and we strive to deliver positive, professional support that elevates your quality of life.

Why choose Paramount Home Health?

We are committed to being Your “One Call” Home Health Connection, in your time of need.

Daily care experts

We specialize in around the clock care to help seniors live well at home.

Available 24/7

We are available 24 hours a day to provide your loved one with a caregiver.

Balanced care

Our unique approach to care promotes health minds, bodies and independence.

high caliber caregivers

Our team consistently provides exceptional health care and support services for all of our patients.

Peace of mind

Your independence is our mission.

A trusted partner

Paramount Home Health is the trusted referral choice for elder care professionals.

Cognitive therapeutics

Fun yet effective activities designed by experts to keep aging minds sharp

Choice of care

Use our services only as long as you’re 100% satisfied.