Paramount stands above the rest in quality home health care because your independence is our mission.

Paramount is an Oklahoma company serving Oklahoma patients. Our privately owned business was established in 1997, located in Northeast Oklahoma, and we are proud of our new expansion into Oklahoma City, now serving a Fifty-Mile radius around the OKC area.

Our goal is to always provide superior, professional care that is specifically “tailored” for each patient.

Restoring independence and outcomes is at the heart of all we do. Our staff of certified nurses, therapists, and other medical professionals have decades of combined experience and are passionate about what they do.

Long term outcomes are greatly improved with continued support, so for Paramount, complete care also means integrating your family and caregivers into your journey towards recovery and independence. Our Mission is more than just healthcare; it is to provide the positive, expert support you need to live your life to the fullest.

Now, more than ever, home health care has become a preferred option for both long and short-term medically supported patients. Whether you or a loved one has been recommended home health care, or you are considering it independently, Paramount is here to help ensure superior care and quality of life.

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